Thursday, February 16, 2012

impact silver

next update on impact silver in a small but nice lunch presentation in cm-equity's office 2day. well, for the 1st time ive bought impact shares already in 2007 and it belongs to my top 15 positions, so im quite familiar with the company. anyway, it is nice 2 speak 2 company representatives abt the latest developments, newest plans, economy, financial markets and so on. believe me, company newsletters / financial statements / sedar fillings and the like are not really funny, u know?

if u asked me, everything is going the right way @ impact: rising production + profit + cash numbers, no additional financing for future growth needed (= no share dilution), nice prospects ... well, i bought few more shares on market opening 2day, they were even cheaper than a year ago ... which is baaaaad, my dear ... why? cos it means impact and its peer group and silver and my portfolio fell down, down, down, damn!

im both too tired + too lazy 2 give U more detailed update, so pls move 2 my last blog post or 2 impacts website, will u?

anything else? coming soon or never :-)
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