Sunday, February 26, 2012


next visit by my wife's family in lodz + warsaw :-)

well, this time i somehow felt poland is not progressing in the right direction ...  why? hmmmm, maybe because of the sooooo saaaad weather out there: cold, rainy, dusty, ... the traffic was worse than usual, especially few roads in lodz were a nightmare => the holes out there are like craters (our poor old car ;-) .... and there are still no really fast roads ... even the highways are not  fast cos of missing emergency line (wroclaw - dresden) or cos of construction 'driven' pile-ups (40 minutes stop and go in the direction warsaw - katowice) ... folks, i was so unconcentrated that at one point in that 'drive' ive forgot to pull the hand brake and crashed in the standing car behind me => WTF! a ludicrous accident on a highway by moving backwards? well, thx goodness nothing happened to me and also nothing to the unknown fellow slovakian pick-up driver behind me, so i just said sorry and could continue without any health / police / car insurance / monetary issues => OMG, OMG, OMG :-)

btw, dont ask me abt the (medieval?) cobbled pavement in the streets of wroclaw either ;-( ... just 2 make sure, it is not a special case of bad luck, my dear. all other 'fast' intercity roads are every few minutes / meters intercepted by traffic lights and pedestrian crossings with accordingly reduced speed + vast number of radars, so ive indeed learned what snail pace stands for, u know?

any signs of coming european soccer championship in summer? nil return ...

well, wanna enjoy few pics anyway? here we go ;-)

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