Saturday, February 11, 2012


addendum october 1st, 2012: we should never ever allow internet censorship, no matter how is it wrapped :-)
source: here (occupywallstreet group @ facebook)
biiiiiiig big big demonstration for free internet, peace, freedom, democracy and against state linked censorship (ACTA) in munich 2day :-)

well, in germany we havent been as many folks as in poland recently, but in munich we have been many many many freedom delegates out there despite the icy weather of -8 degrees celsius, my dear ... i would say, wait, ... me + this frozen fellow from the picture above + my wife + approx 16,000 other people (ive checked the media coverage abt the event) .... and we have walked through the streets of munich (like last week 4 peace + against the so called 'security' conference ) ... well, last week we have walked from stachus to marienplatz / city hall, 2day from stachus to odeonsplatz where all the speeches took place ...

OMG, what a poor quality of my old old old mobile phone's recording ;-( ... anyway, i hope it shows ya the great athmospere we have had in munich 2day ... well, you better move to following 5 minutes video from a buddy protester of mine:

any pictures? yep, of course:
the pirates party members were next 2 us
our #OccupyWallStreet + #RealDemocracyNow group :-)

for more pics pls visit my picasa album +enjoy ;-)

friends, if u asked me, the  ♥ Я Ξ √ Ω L U T ↑ ☼ N has started ♥, thx my dear ...


newsBlitz said...

Thanks, Jaro, for the pictures and your thoughts!

jaro gruber said...

klar doch, spoxx ... #unitedforglobalchange :-)