Friday, February 17, 2012

eckhart tolle ~ are you ready for the present moment?

40 seconds worth listening :-)=):-)

OMD, eckhardt tolle, how the hell could you write 230 pages (german edition) about 1 single idea which can be said in 1 single sentence? well, above was the WHOLE CONTENT in 40 SECONDS :-).

worst book i've ever read till the bitter end ... damned hell, why did i went through all that nonsence? why couldn't i throw it away? and why, no matter how long my break was and what i've read instead / in between i always came back to it? is it really important to me?

still wanna know more? why, my dear? it was strange, strange, strange ... maybe i'm not enough esoteric minded in order to understand? maybe, but could you concentrate for few minutes on  the room you are in right now? oh no, please don't concentrate on the things around you or the walls or the floor which limit the room, just concentrate on the room itself and feel the present moment, hahaha :-). WTF?

btw, did you know that tolle believes the most unhappiness is caused because we don't accept the reality? but don't worry, it isn't you which can't accept what really is, it is only your brains, not you, you know? your ego is also not you, it is only a creature of your brains ... etc and so forth. WTF again? and now tell me my friends, do you think i could accept my disastrous last years losses at the financial markets (approx 100k, OMG ;-() because i simply could OR cos i've learned to accept what really is thx to eckhart tolle? or why the hell liked my crazy wife our bali/indonesia holidays 2 or 3 years ago (while she has read that damned book) better then any other holiday? nope, she isn't 3 years ahead of me (i hope), she just read the book earlier ... and she has liked it, damn ;-). of course, i will never ever understand financial markets + women. well, even when indonesia was really interesting, i don't consider it among our top 5 vacations, u see? .... is it only because she could enjoy the present moment thx 2 tolle and my stupid brains just thought what to do next, compared every situation with in the past and else in some projected future ... hmmmmm ...

and yes, eckahrt tolle believes we humans wouldn't contaminate our planet if we hadn't that much rubbish in our brains ... and that we will change (+ save) the earth when we change ourselves .... hmmmmm again :-)

wanna know even much much much more? well, there is no hope more for you, my dear homo sapiens presentis, but i've warned you, didn't i?

i've just found a nice overview about how to find peace of mind or the other way round, how to declutter our minds, so let's post it here next to tolle's wisdom ... and yes, the #1 issue sounds somehow familiar to you, is that right?

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