Saturday, March 3, 2012

ice skating

what a strange day :-) ... im prolly getting older, panicking, ice skating ... wtf? yep, i couldnt convince (or buy?) any of my 3 women to come ice skating with me the whole season and next week is the ice skating season over. hmmmm, i love them anyway. any outcome out there? easy, i went alone 2day => my winter feeling is satisfied :-). well, we had plus 13 degrees celsius in munich, sun, water on the ice ... unlike the many small children i didnt fall too often, of course ... 

so everything perfect 2day? yes and no, my dear. the kiosk was already closed and therefore instead of a tasty hot wine punch i had only toilet water ... but dont worry, ive survived :-). well, next time im going 2 wear my ski helmet as few other folks did 2day, lets teach the kids some good behaviour by way of illustration. my agenda for the next weekend? skiing, skiing, skiing ... cos up 2 date i have been just once this winter, u know?

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