Sunday, March 11, 2012

time2think @ the top of germany

a view from an orange cab ;-)

the winter is over! well, at least for me ... last weekend ice skating, 2day the last skiing of the season => my winter feeling is satisfied .... and yes, on friday there should be 20 degrees celsius in munich ...

bad, bad, bad luck 2day ~ foggy clouds over there (all the time) ~ wtf, dark room skiing?!?
the better moments, here i see 2 track marks ...

any cold comfort? yep, i was alone, didnt see much, so i could think a lot abt me, my life, the universe ... and you know what? im such a lucky alien, just look: im healthy, have one of the prettiest wives in the universe (no, u will not get any pictures, phone numbers and the like ... but if u need a hypnosis therapist, u could ask the best of all women), two sweet and almost self-reliant children, rich parents, a website with 1,800 readers a month (or at least that many clicks), .... quite a lot, isnt it?

well, so what 2 do? easy, lets save the democracy + the nature/planet ;-)

few more zugspitze pics? here :-)
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