Monday, March 26, 2012

great panther silver

great update on great panther silver (TSX: GPR) 2day ... any details? despite the current share price which is down approx 50% from the level it was at a year ago everything looks fine @great panther ... and yes, silver was close to $50 per ounce then instead of the current $32, hmmmmm ....
  • 2 producing silver mines in central mexico
  • profitable
  • $40m cash
  • steady rising production, earnings, profits, ... what abt steady rising share price? haha, 2 nice 2 be true, isnt it?
  • stable political jurisdiction
  • growth through expansion of own activities and/or acquisition ... just in case u asked yourself what is the $40m cash for ;-)
  • moving from junior 2 mid-tier silver producer soon (5m ounces a year)
  • GPR = 74% Ag + 20% Au + 6% Pb & Zn

of course, the CEO bob archer answered not only questions abt the company itself but also abt equity markets, silver, gold, ... btw, what do u think would the price of silver be if there was no investment demand (ie only industrial supply + demand pattern)? any idea out there what level bob thought abt?

meow, miau ;-)

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