Tuesday, May 1, 2012

may day ~ 1st of may ~ demo for peace & fairness

well, the title says it all :-)

i've just spent a nice afternoon in the streets of munich, fighting for peace & fairness + talking to friends from our OccupyMunich / real democracy now movement + drinking beer + wetting my feet in the rindermarkt fountain + listening to music & speeches ...
#3 i love peace? what a message ;-)

a link to Я Ξ √ Ω L U T ↑ ☼ N

addendum 05/05/2012: well, after the demo i went in the evening to the libertarian toberaum club, where the so great band with the unpronounceable name nathan und die hochzeitsgesellschaft which played in the afternoon at the demo has actually played for us 15-20 revolutionary minded folks out there ... hmmmm, i like private concerts a lot, u know? OMG, was that a nice feeling to listen to great songs and think abt touching lyrics (all or at least the most of them are poems from Hofmannsthal, Heine, Hauptmann, Rilke, Brecht, Wedekind, Bernhard, Nietzsche + others), drinking a cold dark beer, speaking to like-minded friends ... 

btw, i've got to records and promised to make some advertisement for them (of course, i didn't miss the chance to drop few €uros into their sponsorship piggy bank ... and im listening to the 1st of this CDs right now :-)

a picture? ok ... btw, the bass guitarist didn't came. don't worry, the singer played also great :-)

a youtube video? here we go:
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