Thursday, May 17, 2012

trading again ;-)

folks, i have restarted trading again, you know?

well, i had a great luck on DAY #1 and yes, all of my positions are protected by stop loss orders, you see?
day #1

i have started with 1,000 euros, so i have made 12% today, OMG :-)

what about day #2? a great luck & success again, my dear ... thanks to WHEAT, like yesterday ... so my current profit sums up to over 30%, let's try to be happy about that despite the two bad luck issues today (my stop loss order for silver fired close to absolute daily low and silver raised like crazy after that .... and i have exited my wheat position intraday and re-entered much higher and then exited too soon again), otherwise would my profit be 200 euros higher and thus a crazy performance of 50% as a result ... of course, performance numbers with such small accounts like mine are a joke, i know :-) yes, it is more an issue of good or bad luck with the initial trades because in this early all-in phase there is no real risk management or money management possible :-) .... but still better than to loose money, isn't it?

day #2

just to make sure, i didn't trade the facebook IPO today ... first of all because my european brokers didn't provide that opportunity on-time and second because i think FB is at its current P/E ratio by far overvalued, overvalued, overvalued ...

btw, that's the story why i have quit a year ago:
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