Sunday, May 13, 2012

ludwig beck ~ AGM

folks, ludwig beck is completely different than all my other portfolio positions, you know? to be honest, i have invested few €uros 2 years ago only because a friend of mine told me that i should not invest all of my money into the mining business and should look at local bavarian companies as well, especially those with such a great food at their AGMs :-) .... of course, the hilton hotel service is quite fine ... anyway, i don't like these (old people) storm in order to be the first or at least the second at the buffet table and yes, for me it is a really expensive lunch as i have to invest approximately 3 hours of my working time to attend, hmmmm ... so lets tell ya few investment issues from the AGM on last tuesday:
  • fashion, fashion, fashion retailer in the very centre of munich, next to the town hall
  • 2011 was both the year of the 150 anniversary and most successful year ever:
  • ~ 100m sales, ~ 10 m profit, ~ 500 employees, ~ 2,100 shareholders, better stock price performance than german prime index DAX in the last 5 years or so, increased dividend, succeed to purchase next 17% of their prime location realty for 10m and now owning 67% of the whole building .... and yes, the two 70 years old owners of the remaining stake agreed to donate all of that to the company after their deaths => what a year, isn't it?
  • as usuall, all shareholders got a 10% bonus card (and a bus service from AGM to the shop) as a smart giveaway  => lets hope many shareholders utilized the chance to visit and shop at their company ;-)
  • did you know that even fashion / cosmetics / music retail business in heart of munich is a real globalization issue? why? foreigners account for 22% of ludwig beck's revenues and still increase their share (especially russians and arabic countries customers)
  • don't expect any real growth besides the newly re-commenced online business as they have sold even the last shop which was not inside or 'next door' the main building and thus finally ended their burdensome expansion period 
  • etc
my dear, lets show ya the best numbers out of the whole annual report ... just kidding, lets see the best picture instead ;-)
(found also in the internet here / source)

what about the last year's event? here we go ;-)

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