Saturday, May 19, 2012

slovakia, the ice-hockey world vice-champion 2012

happy heroes, my dear slovak team :-) source? here at facebook

2002 + 2012, slovakia against russia in the finals. in 2002 was our (=slovak) team the winner, could history repeat itself? no, unfortunately, not. in a really nice + fast game with the fewest fouls i've ever seen (only 3 harmless issues) won the little bit better russian team 6 : 2.

go slovakia go for gold in the ice-hockey world championship finals against russia in helsinki / finland tomorrow ... david against goliath, isn't it? 
source: facebook

do you speak finnish? no? it doesnt matter, you will understand how slovakia made it into the finals against czech republic today and see all goals as well, anyway :-) ... game score? 3 : 1. best players? imho miroslav satan, scorer of 2 goals today and the slovak goalkeeper jan laco

it is such a nice feeling, my dear ... me, happy ... at least for one day :-)

well, the slovak ice-hockey didn't had much luck recently ... just remember the winter olympic games in vancouver / canada 2 years ago as the team lost in semifinals against canada 2 : 3 and the poor slovak captain, top scorer and hero pavol demitra didn't succeed to score the game equalizer in the last seconds as canadian keeper roberto luongo made a great, great save on his shot ... in the bronze medal game then they have lost against finland ...

a year later in the championship held in slovakia they didn't make it in the play-offs despite good ice-hockey played but lack of luck ... and the real catastrophe happened in september 2011 as the YAK-42 airplane with the russian team lokomotiv jaroslavl crashed in the volga river ... pavol demitra + 3 czech national players + many russian and other nations players died as well ... R.I.P ice-hockey heroes, we will never forget you, promised ...

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