Sunday, July 15, 2012

christopher street day

this picture was made by on (sunny) saturday by Peter Kneffel dpa/lby +++(c) dpa - Bildfunk+++

did i join the wrong party today? not really, christopher street day is the gay pride parade in german cities and yes, it is about tolerance, understanding, respect ... well, enough reasons to join the folks there, wouldn't you say?

after that i went to a capoeira training, wrong again? course i still practice my beloved PFS (progressive fighting systems), but why not to learn/explore something else es well? my dear, capoeira was more dancing than fighting ... but it was that demanding that i will carry muscle hangover the whole next week ... and  yes, next time my friend's group organizes a similar weekend training 'camp' i will probably join them again :-)

wrong parties PICTURES, i will probably upload few more tomorrow if a friend of mine will sent me few of his pictures :-)

btw, there seems to be already a july tradition for joining wrong parties, i believe ... lol ... last year i have visited a private summer party of one oldtimer automobile club with such beautiful cars (you still remember the de dion-bouton landaulet, don't you?) instead of munich's railway company's event ... OMG
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