Monday, July 30, 2012

the first will be the last and the last ...

folks, the winners will be the losers and the losers will be winners? or is the saying the other way round? who cares? i can tell you, in the financial markets ('financial casino') is luck and bad luck often close to each other, you know?

well, after the break-even success 2 weeks ago as the crude oil rallied like crazy, there was a really tough time for my trading account ... today there is a new winner, a true hero for 1 day, the natural gas contract :-) .... and yes, oil is the only loser ... hell, hell, hell, trading is a damned crazy game, wouldn't you say? and yes, it makes fun if successful :-), but
go commodities go  ... and especially go gold/silver bugs go and let's CRASH the fraudulent fiat money game played by banksters, our corrupt governments and their small dirty central banks NOW :-)
paper money down, commodities up, chakka :-)

btw, did i tell you i have exchanged next part of my paper €uros into silver-ETF shares today? of course, i know silver-ETF is not the same as silver, but hopefully is a paper backed by silver still  better than paper backed by nothing like our ever so stable euros, dollars, yens, ...  so in case the fiat money really crashes while i'm in malaysia, the silver-ETF could still quote the price of silver in the new currency :-)

addendum 31.07.2012: all yesterday's profit gone today ... commodities down, paper money up ... what a strange financial world ;-)
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