Friday, July 13, 2012


what a nice evening with the best of all wives @ the tollwood festival in olympiapark / munich tonight :-)

well we didn't make any pictures this time, so lets show you pictures from some former visit at this twice a year held festival. what kind of festival? hippie / esoteric / multicultural / ethnic + organic food / music / fun + joy + understanding all over the place / etc. of course, we will go there one or two times more until it is over. btw, if you go there, please don't forget to visit the marrakech tent and drink at least one moroccan mint tee, my pretty cousin sells that stuff and she needs some activity through the day, you know? please don't tell her i've sent you there, because as tired as she usually finishes her day she would hate me then :-)

curiously, there are often many, many orbs at tolwood, you know?
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