Saturday, April 26, 2014

mauritius, giant shiva + 3 national parks

mauritius, part lll, our one day trip to the southern + central mauritius

the agony of choice: which pictures and whats insides should i share with you, my friends?

well, let's start with some kind of an agenda and select the pictures + stories later :-)
  • pineapple + sugar cane field
  • tamil (hindu) temple
  • city of curepipe
  • inactive volcano
  • water bassin / reservoir
  • giant shiva + hindu temples site
  • alexandra falls
  • black river gorges national park
  • 7 colored earth (chamarel national park)
  • etc
tamil temple (hindu)
inactive volcano
water bassin / reservoir
100 feet high shiva (30 m) in ganga talao

ganga talao ~ a holy hindu site
 alexandra falls, mt. cocotte, south coast
 black river peak ~ national park
 a tourist who stayed in mauritius till now :-)
chamarel national park ~ 7 colored earth
 a prisoner at mauritius
 the best of all wives
 west coast
a rainbow driven way back home to our hotel at the east coast in trou d'eau douce

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more coming soon ...
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