Monday, April 14, 2014


back in 1989 in eastern germany, the monday demonstration started a system change. there were simply much too many people out there protesting against the socialist government.

yes, the monday demo aka montagsdemo is back. it was re-started in berlin 4 weeks ago and it is rising. it started with few people, then few hundreds, last week there were already 2,000 people (and ken jebsen was speaking [so great]) and the organisers expect 4,000 people today.what about the next easter week? well, there are the traditional protest marches for peace in germany and in berlin is andreas popp speaking about the reason of our warfare driven by the 1% and its corrupt politicians & mainstream media.

in munich, we have had the 2nd montagsdemo today and we have been about 250-300 protesters out there.

the main reason is the protest for peace, but if you asked me, it looks like our #occupy protest back in 2011. the mostly young protesters are basically against the government which rules completely against the public opinion ... just look what the main poster of the initiative says:
we are the people ... for peace with russia ... against financial-military-complex, no war for oil + gas ... #occupywallstreet #OWS

there were not many speeches today and the speaker have also not been too exercised, the only think i remember was the sentence from the berlin delegate jan: we are not left, we are not right, we are just people. ... hmmm, it seems they are against the 1%, aren't they?

besides our EDJM + occupy group, i could recognize only few leftist folks and the anons (anonymous munich) and yes, there were few strange looking folks out there ...

and there are many facebook groups out there (the original FB group) and the main event (in berlin). look at one of the slogans from one of the many groups, it sounds like re-occupy wallstreet, doesn't it?
source: here

btw, the organisers plan a real surprise for next week, a highly respected guest (i can't tell you the name as i had to swear i will keep the secret silent :-)

more pictures here

OWS, OccupyWallStreet + OccupyWarStreet + OccupyYourStreet + OccupyTogether = RealDemocracyNow :-)
auf geht's zur #Münchenermahnwache2014 ..#Münchenermahnwache2014 ... #mahnwache2014 für frieden und ein neues system (nicht nur eine neue regierung :-)

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ein spirituelle sicht auf das geschehen, krieg, geldsystem, politik, medien ~ wir müssen zuerst unseres bewußtsein ändern: HIER


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