Sunday, April 13, 2014

gods are angry

what a day at zugspitze on sunday. well, it is a tradition of mine, to go to the snowy hills before 1st summer holiday of the year, to make the contrast of emotions snow vs. sun as big as possible .... what did the gods think about it us people? i'm not sure, but watch the pictures  from zugspitze made at MINUS 4 degrees celsius below ... what if i told you that on my way down from the top of germany even our cable car stopped in the tunnel with a brakes accident and we stayed for some 15 minutes without a move there, for some time even without any light?
anyway, next see-the-world aka travel update will hopefully come from the southern hemisphere ~ mauritius. the southern hemisphere is special by many ways, but do you know what is the most interesting one for me? there are NO NUCLEAR WEAPONS deployed in the south. hell, in the north we have nukes both in the old historic city centre of berlin and in the mini-country of  liechtenstein, but there are no damned nukes in the whole southern hemisphere? poor north, if you asked me :-)
two strange buddies:
 a sunny hole in the dark?
BMW xDrive + the chapel don't care about the weather
 down at lake eibsee in grainau, finally :-)
more pictures here

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