Thursday, May 1, 2014

mayday - 1st of may

what a nice event, the celebration of 1st of may for a fair and peaceful world ... well, i have spent the day at the anarchists' celebration organised by the anarchist trade union FAU at rindermarkt. only the very last picture is from the main event from marienplatz some 100-150m away.
anarchists at peaceful protest. hell, 1 policeman sits there as well on the floor? civil disobedience is possible but not easy, my dears 

damn, it is so pity, that the call for civil disobedience on may 1st made by anonymous few days earlier, didn't reach the minds / consciousness of more folks (it was like every year, even the possible war in the ukraine didn't made any difference) ... omg, omg, omg .. wake up folks, wake up soon ....

last years event: here


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