Friday, May 9, 2014

timmins gold

a nice investor lunch with timmins gold corp (TSX : TMM, NYSE MKT : TGD) in the hotel bayerischer hof in munich ....
well, here just few highlights, i hope i will get an interview with timmins' CEO bruce bragagnolo as embed code soon :-)
  • low cost gold producer in northern mexico
  • yearly production of approx 120,000 ounces from its san francisco mine in the state of sonora, mexico (150 km north of the state capital hermosillo)
  • profitable, cash position circa $44m
  • debt circa $8m => at the end of 2014 probably debt free
  • cash costs per ounce approx $800, all-in-costs approx $1,000
  • current gold price approx $1,300 per ounce ... => for mathematicians among us: a gold price increase by $300 would double timmins' profits
  • i've bought few shares + subscribed for the investors newsletter, so let's see how the gold price and the timmins share price will develop in the future 
  • etc
friends, please don't forget, gold + silver are the big enemies of the fraudulent fiat money system, so let's support them a little bit ... how? i've simply exchanged some paper for gold aka #timminsgold. and yes, my wife is like me .... she exchanded paper money for golden earrings yesterday 

well, i've got the embed code of the CEO interview from the swiss resource capital guys => enjoy :-) .... or watch HERE (in case of any plug-in/ flash player problems and the like)

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