Sunday, May 25, 2014

march against monsanto (munich)

the worldwide march against monsanto (aka march against GMO) continues in 2014 further => => enjoy the protest :-)

in 2013, we have had 3 or 4 events in munich (pictures + insights from october 2013), this year  there was a lot of good mood among the activists, healthy vegan food, few speeches (including jörg bergstedt), tons of really good music and yes, you will find my 1 minute statement  as well 

i couldn't come from the beginning, so just see how many many people took part at the march through the streets of old munich
author / source of this picture: here
 so true
kilez more + many, many great bands playing today
source: here

more pictures here in my g+ album

last but not least, you still can support the organisation team as i did by buying some t-shirts, books, dvd in order to help them to finance all expenses (stage + music equipment + etc), so they can organise additional events later as well :-). the crowd funding action continues HERE at startnext)

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addendum june 14th, 2014: my gift from the orga team ~ thx, dear friends ~ the t-shirt should have been red but their printer spun ... who cares? they've apologized about it, anyway ~   consume ReVOLUTION + PEACE :-)
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