Friday, December 19, 2014

crash the system #2 ~ crash its monetary base

if you asked me, we should crash the current military financial complex (NWO) before it crashes all human life on planet earth ... thus welcome to my crash the system agenda :-)
  • #1 crash (war +) system propaganda
  • #2 crash its monetary base (this blog post)
  • #3 general strike aka revolution (similar to the nice example provided by the very small train drivers union GDL with its boss weselsky in germany for a week in november 2014)
  • ...
  • ## last but not least: let's create a new fair and sustainable system and leave the old system as an empty envelope behind us :-)
today i will take on the financial system ... let's see what ideas the proaurum guys have for this issue :-)
napoleon (1863), marianne (1911), elizabeth (2013), polar bear (till the climate change doesn't destroy its habitat)

well, how to crash the fraudulent fiat money system witch allows even bankrupt states like usa, germany, UK, france, japan ... to fight wars, subside their economies, pay policemen to oppress its citizens etc? many ways ...
  • withdraw as much money out of the banking system as possible (buy gold + silver + other precious metals, buy real estate and/or farm land, invest in your own health / education / own company / business, ...)
  • boycott the taxes (exchange goods + services with friends & family instead buying that services and )
  • build up regional self-reliant communities 
  • help others ... and maybe others will help you ...
  • if possible, work less ...
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