Tuesday, December 9, 2014

gata ~ a libertarian gold bugs club :-)

what a nice libertarian evening with gata's secretary chris powell, DEG's peter boehringer (initiative bring our german gold home) + dagmar metzger (stiftung freiheit & vernunft) and many, many well know financial experts + journalists talking about gold, markets, freedom, politics ... btw, 3 years ago there was a gata event with its chairman bill murphy in munich and the gold price was climbing up like crazy that day and yes, the gold price was 300 bucks higher then than today :-( 

you know, we gold bugs are freedom loving libertarians, often anarchists and system critical fellows who don't need the state, surveillance, wars, market manipulation, dictation and like too much ... well, it is nice to meet like-minded folks :-)
peter boehringer
 chris powell
 ESF = market manipulation
 FED = interest rates manipulation, here forced to compensate gata
 the beautiful hotel bayerischer hof
 what a nice neighborhood
good-bye huge golden fellow, good-bye bayrischer hof

few more pictures

GATA ~ go GOLD bugs go and let's crash the fraudulent fiat money system NOW :-)


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