Saturday, December 6, 2014

terence watts ~ warriors, settlers & nomads ~ hypnotherapy concept

what a nice Q&A evening with terence watts and his outstanding wife julie in munich hosted by hypnovita's olf stoiber.

well, terence is best know for his concept of warriors, settlers & nomads (WSN) which represents the parts of our personality in respect how we react to others and to the world outside. most likely there is one or two prevailing parts out of the 3 in us, but in real danger there is always one dominating part and that's why we react in special situations as we do ...

of course, in hypnotherapy there are many issues where this concept can be used to help the clients to find the right solutions which fits to their own personality (decision making, partnership, sexuality, personality issues, business carrier issues, ...). in some other cases (e.g. depressions) helps e.g. hypno-analysis much better ... and yes, in case of very deep depressions is hypnosis not the right approach ...

Q&A about WSN (= KSN = krieger + siedler + nomaden) and many other hypnosis issues
  • when to use WSN
  • how to determine which type of person the client is
  • tips + tricks
  • how long is a therapy unit 
  • first and second therapy unit ... seldom more than 4 needed to solve 1 issue
  • sexual-therapy
  • best sexual combination? warrior man + settler/nomad lady :-)
  • how to approach a beautiful lady at a bar ...
  • therapist's personality (WSN) vs. clients personality (WSN)
  • there are hardly none bad male hypno-therapists who survived the first 5 years of practice ... what about female hypno-therapists after 5 years of practice?
  • + many more

few of my other notes:
warrior has problem to find fun or to show it ..... nomads have no problem to find fun .... warrior criticizes often and sees the issues earlier than a nomad ... when in relationship with warriors, (unhappy) settlers often back out from decisions and participation in many issues, ...a partnership between two warriors would probably not last well too long ... 

if you asked me, i'm a warrior, a peace activist warrior ... and my wife? probably a deeply emotional settler who uses empathy and love in her approach to clients in any of their matters :-)
terrence watts (#hypnosense) + my no. 1 therapist in the whole universe #annagruber :-)
#terencewatts + the host #olfstoiber (#hypnovita) in munich

more to come soon or never :-)

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