Friday, December 23, 2016

Kenneth O'Keefe - stop war mongers and give peace a chance

well, the most (western) people think probably about christmas these days, me too. as many  others i also think about love and peace and yes, especially peace is such a fragile commodity.
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i hope we humans are able to share and live in peace instead of exploit and kill each other in a WW3 :-)

i have seen 2 very interesting and (quite) short videos with analysis of current worldwide tensions recently. one is in english with former u.s. marine and gulf war veteran Kenneth O'Keefe (and you will find you also an excerpt of it with german translation below) and the second with german stock exchange expert dirk müller. both guys see the u.s. / u.k. / NATO / israel / 'THE WEST' as the biggest danger to world wide peace ... any other opinion on that issue?  => please listen + share, if you liked it ...

let's listen to Kenneth O'Keefe about western puppet governments working for war profiteers, greater israel project and so on ... well, if you asked me, i hope that donald trump as upcoming u.s. president will not be such a puppet hillary clinton was and that he will more concentrate on america than to play the world war monger role, will he? (listen to his 5 minutes motivational speech months before his election victory here)

"All of these players, these politicians are nothing more than puppets, they don't serve the people there is no real democracy, they serve the rich and powerful who run the world and that would be the bankers who control the money supply. The bankers make huge amounts of money....wars are great for them and ultimately they control the politicians.
Psychopaths are running the world." - Ken O'Keefe
full Ken O'Keefe interview in english (20 minutes):

..... excerpt of the interview above with german translation (10 minutes)

dirk müller, after 4 minutes starts the speech again, so it is enough if you listen these clear words about u.s. aggressions, leaked information about hillary clinton's emails (libya / syria / iran), ISIS, assad, etc. just once (IN GERMAN) .... hillary emails show: the goal is to destroy syria first, than iran next :o(

a picture says more than 1,000 words? here we go:
 the source for both pictures is my former stop wars blog post

happy xmas to everyone :-)

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