Sunday, December 4, 2016

maria gern + kneifelspitze + lake königssee

the last day of my weekend in marzoll / berchtesgaden area (BGL) i have spent at the kneifelspitze and IN the lake königssee. yes, i swum in the ice cold lake as the air temperature outside was -1 degree celsius and the water temperature was maybe plus 3 or 4 degrees celsius, so it was warmer in the lake than outside, my dears :-)
and yes, there was weather inversion too, so i could take beautiful pictures at peak kneiflspitze today
starting point in maria gern (close to berchtesgaden)
pilgrimage church in maria gern 
watzmann (2713 m) in the middle and hochkalter (2607 m) at the right side
walking higher and higher ...
untersberg massive and the city of salzburg below the clouds
finally at the paulshütte alm (restaurant) at the kneifelspitze (1189 m)
untersberg again
 watzmann again
me IN the lake königssee testing the water, later i swum too :-)
just in case you have forgot my message about how to reach happiness in your live :-):
more pictures here
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