Tuesday, December 27, 2016

julian assange on donald trump, hillary clinton, wars & co.

i have just read an interesting interview with julian assange about donald trump, hillary clinton, wars and much more. julian said that hillary played a leading role in the usa aggressor's war against libya which produced the refugee crisis in europe and the catastrophy in syria, so there is hope for better with trump as president :-) ... => just read the full interview here: repubblica / italy.
how to help julian and/or wikileaks? well, i've donated some money to wikileaks and yes, i will try to visit their nice and simple structured website wikileaks from time to time (a bookmark is specified) and spread their information to support freedom of press and to support a channel which helps the whistleblowers to get their information out. btw, the block about the leaked emails of hillary clinton campaign chairman john podesta are really interesting :-)
Schutzengel by my buddy Udo ~ source (+ full picture here): udo p. linke
source of the picture: here
#FreeAssange #FreeSpeach

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