Sunday, December 11, 2016

ried - innkreis - austria

christmas mood and christmas market in ried in the so called innkreis (river inn area) in austria? sooo nice :-)

well, the best of all wives and me were driving home from bratislava as we again visited my weakening mother in slovakia and tried different route as usually. why? well, there is just 1 (= ONE) border cross in germany where the state quite often controls pro forma the incoming people (you know about the refugees issue in germany, don't you?) in a way you have slow down your speed, watch into the face of an officer, but you don't have to show your passport or step out of your car or open your car trunk (i passed this border point already 4-5 times this way) .... we decided to use an empty border cross few tens of kilometers to the north and when gotten hungry we chose not to make a break at some stupid highway restaurant this time. we moved to a small nearby city of ried and yes, i somehow hoped to meet friends of mine at the christmas market there. nope, no luck ... of course, i had not their phone number available and had only their email address + we have been tired after loooong drive anyway, so we did not try to arrange an encounter at any price :-). especially because our friends are sister and brother-in-law of my school mate, so we are not that close to our einsiedel-born friends in austria and also not 100% sure they are indeed that spontaneous they would be happy to go outside that late at night (but i somehow felt they would enjoy to see me) ... well, next time i will keep their phone number in my mobile phone so we could inform them about our arrival :-)
main city square
dinner in platzlwirt

old oven
nonalcoholic wheat beer (weissbier) as i'm a driver today, you know? :-)
town hall in ried
more pictures here

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