Monday, December 26, 2016

wörthsee ~ winter swimming adventure

crazy me, after swimming for the very first time in the ice-cold lake königssee 3 weeks ago, i did this strange winter swimming stuff again. well, yesterday at lake lusssee & (anarchists') tipi platz it was somehow too cold / too bad for me, so i just went up to the knees into the water. today at lake wörthsee i really swum. probably only for 10 second, but after that i felt like a new born, my dears :-). btw, there are many other bavarian lakes to swim out there, aren't they? 
why do i do stuff like that? hmmm, i'm not sure, but maybe because i need more life in my daily routine or i need more routine in my daily life or both. or do i need just some adventure / strong feelings or is my intention to shock others? maybe not to shock others as i like only to swim if there are no unfamiliar people around ... or is the main reason because the general opinion is not to do that, so i want to prove that there is more possible than allowed? the hell knows :-)
paradieswinkel in the south part of the lake wörthsee was the place to be today :-). the best of all wives plus me have had later a tasty lunchdinner at the restaurant gasthof woerl
trying the water temperature and my determination first
my mood said 'YES' :-)
so cold, especially the feet & hands. only my ears were so hot :-)
swimming is over, let's dress again
good night, lake wörthsee
more pictures here

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