Saturday, February 9, 2019

osterseen lakes district, iffeldorf, southern bavaria

what a nice walk in the winter nature south of lake starnberger see close to munich today.
frozen lake fohnsee + iffeldorf  village + bavarian alps
ostersseen lakes (easter lakes, ostern) district. i could count 16 lakes, and you?
iffeldorf as seen from the tourists' parking lot outside the village
let's walk around the lakes ...
großer ostersee
 two of us
what about a short swimming exercise?
well, i've tried ... but all the water you see is just a thin film above the ice .... we have to come again some other time when it will be a little bit warmer. maybe in august ;)
the one and only OPEN restaurant in iffeldorf today evening
good-bye, iffeldorf
more pictures here.
how does it looks like in summer time? jump here :-)
more bavarian lakes here.

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