Saturday, February 16, 2019

MSC ~ munich IN-security conference

next munich IN-security conference (MSC) is over, my dears.

polarity law (equation) for war (at least for germany & europe):
source: my stop wars blog
stop the north atlantic terrorist organization NATO, stop WARS of aggression against innocent nations (source here)

just in case you didn't know, the former name of the conference was wehrkundetagung (military science conference), which describes its purpose much better than the current name. well, in today's western mainstream media's orwell-speech they call even a war of aggression as humanitarian deployment, so don't worry about the misleading naming security conference too much ... WE DON'T WANT these warmongers in our city and thus we protest every year against them => stop NATO ~ stop WARS ...
main action poster against this insecurity conference in munich

as always, the weapons producers, dealers and buyers as well as military and political officials were inside the hotel bayerischer hof, we peace activists were protesting in the center of munich on this beautiful sunny day.  we have been about 4,000 people, i guess and from my street at least 4. not bad, isn't it? even if it is still february, it was quite hot, so we enjoyed coffee & cake & beer outside in a nice old restaurant close to marienplatz. let's hope our climate is not completely destroyed yet ... and let save it wherever we can ... 
ukraine + NATO = WW3 (equation for NATO's involvement in the ukraine
the opening key note speech will start soon
 talk, not arm
we don't want your wars
 munich's americans for peace
hands off venezuela
hands off yemen
 insecurity conference
the peace march starts ...
 munich is a really nice city, you know?
so wahr :-)
source here
 me for peace ...
 few ukrainian nationalists have had a different agenda today :-(
 the final event was at marienplatz in front of town hall
 what about a coffee, cake and beer with other peace activists in the nearby hofer stadtwirt restaurant? we have been 12 people from our montagsdemo group who enjoyed a peaceful demonstration today
sadhguru, so true ... will we go that extra mile for PEACE?
“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi
more pictures from today's protest here.
last year's event here.
MSC 2017 here ... and so on ... MSC 2009 here.

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