Sunday, April 21, 2019

kloster birkenstein (monastery)

the birkenstein monastery from 1673 + its pilgrimage church (wallfahrtskirche) in fischbachau was a really great positive surprise after we spent a wonderful day on a hiking tour to the breitenstein mountain (1622 m) in the bavarian alps.
kloster + wallfahrtskapelle birkenstein, 1710 - 2010
1673 + 1702

it was so strange, quiet, nice and interesting here. unfortunately, we didn't find the place where we could fill our bottles with the healing spring water (especially good for the eyes), mostly because our daughters were really tired and wanted to go home fast ... well, a reason more to come back here soon :-)

enjoy few pictures from this mystical place:
there are (at least) 3 chapels on two floors there
ground floor
first floor

so, let's leave the monastery for now and walk back to our parking place in fischbachau.
house st. hildegard
cafe seidl
restaurant oberwirt
more pictures here

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