Friday, April 26, 2019

brave new world ~ aldous huxley

after orwell's 1984 is huxley's brave new world the next logical consequence, isn't it? #FreeAssange
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in the last few months and weeks i've often thought about george orwell's novel 1984. about aldous huxley's brave new world, too. i've read those books last year or 2 years ago and the current occurrences in germany + the (western) world remember me more and more about a probably final stage of planet destruction and total slavery for the most of us as prophesied in those books :-(. 

censorship-article 13 (upload filter for internet content) in name of copy rights protection; PAG (polizeiaufgabengesetz); DSVGO - content providers & business participants control/selection in name of data privacy protection; termination of the INF treaty by trump's administration => (nuclear) armament in name of safety; julian assange, (edward snowden) surveillance by NSA & Co., chelsea manning, .... => heroes go to prison and war criminals (obama, EU) get nobel prizes for peace and laugh down on us from their stellar and seemingly safe spheres; massive debt and financial mess with 'quantitative easing' + negative interest rates (creation of wealth and prosperity by money printing press) + mostly uncovered cryptocurrencies; wars in name of humanitarian aid & democracy & human rights; destruction of nature in name of CO2 / climate protection; poison in food & water & air & soil (monsanto's roundup + glyphosates, pesticides, antibiotics ...); gender agenda; fake news by mainstream media ... there happens currently so much what in my opinion is an insult of average human intelligence & commons sense ....

sadly i can't understand why almost all of my colleagues and most people around me stay so calm and relaxed? do they not see all the mess coming upon us? or is maybe my own perception wrong and our world is in its best shape ever? => who knows?

what about aldous huxley's dystopian novel brave new world (first published in 1932) itself? well, at least it was much, much nicer and easier to read as 1984. probably because it described a society where everyone have had (or at least could have) a lot of sex and all the folks were conditioned since their (artificially controlled) procreation and birth to love what their later destiny would be ... so were e.g. the later steelworkers and miners conditioned to love the heat, every group member loved to belong to its own group, etc. & etc.

==> thus all of the epsilons, deltas, gammas, betas and alphas got their proper appointments according to their needs. and yes, there was enough bread and circuses, too. last but not least, if something seemed to go wrong, there was soma, a pill which turned every 'wrong' or dangerous feeling / thought to system compatible happiness. well, only the villain from the mexican jungle could challenge this self-complacent (selbstzufrieden) society ...

there were also many interesting movies which painted similar pictures of future totalitarian society as huxley in his famous novel: the polish seksmisja (from 1984. what a coincidence. or a purpose?), the giver (der hüter der erinnerung) produced in 2014 by the weinstein company and based on lois lowry's novel from 1993, hunger games, ...

just in case you ask yourself why am i writing stuff like that: nein, jaro will nicht mehr die ganze welt retten. sie teilweise zu verstehen und selber paar kleine gute dinge tun ist schon genug 😊.

more coming soon or never ....

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