Sunday, April 14, 2019

FreeAssange - Freedom for Heroes

FreeAssange - freedom for heroes + free press. jail for enemies of freedom, peace & humanity!

just read what ron paul said / wrote about this attack on free speach / free press and our all freedom in his weekly column. so true, so sad :-(

i was not sure whether i should repost my old assange blog post from 2016 or write a new one concerning julian's arrest in london as the ecuador embassy terminated assange's protection after few years. well, i've read somewhere on the internet that ecuador got a 4.2 billion USD credit from the IMF and to betray / deliver julian assange to the british and u.s. authorities was a part of the deal, but for me does the reason not matter, anyway. the so called 'elites' have found a way to get assange and we will most likely see some phantom accusation soon :-(
schutzengel (guardian angel) - arts by my buddy udo p. linke from frankfurt - source: hereof course, there are many other nice paintigs, too :-)
Free Assange - no u.s. extradition of the co founder of wikileaks julian assange ~ this profile picture got viral on facebook recently (source here)
 #FreeAssange (source latuff 2019 here)
if wars can be stared by lies, they can be ended by truth (source here)
so true, so sad :-( (source here)

julian assange on bradley manning + edward snowden + u.s. government

just read my old blog about julian assange with a linked and so nice & important interview on donald trump, hillary clinton (leaked emails), wars & co. from 2016 here

just in case you didn't know yet, i hate mainstream media

#FreeAssange #FreeSpeach #Freedom

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