Saturday, April 27, 2019

plant trees, save the planet and do NOT wait for SOMEONE else :-)

lets plant trees and save the world (not just the climate 😄)

the hot and dry weather seams to be worse and worse every year => lets try to plant more trees and renaturate forests wherever we can. i tried it again this weekend and planted 4 trees in the weakest part of the nearby forest in lochham. as there should be at least some rain in the next few days are the chances to survive for my trees quite good, if you asked me.

my dears, i was so happy to see that at least one of the golden acacia trees i've planted few years ago survived and has grown to a quite big and thick tree left from the chapel below. what a nice feeling 💃
this 4 fellows (maple, spruce, cherry tree & rowan) from our flowerpots & garden place above our subterranean garage, where they couldn't grow much longer, are looking forward to see their new habitat 💚
all my trees will grow close to this chapel in lochham
good luck, mr. spruce

my dears, thank goodness i'm not alone in my efforts. new zealand wants to plant 1 billion trees to fight the climate change (source HERE), sadhguru motivated 160 million people to plant trees (besides river banks) in his #rallyforrivers action in india (#saveourrivers, i mentioned that action already ... and supported it a little bit financially) and there are many, many people around the globe devoted to saving our planet's resources, you know?
on the way back i've collected some garbage into a plastic bag, so our forest is a little bit cleaner than it was yesterday ...
why am i doing stuff like that? it was a very simple consideration few years ago. i felt that we people cannot continue to destroy our nature and that someone should save it. but WHO is SOMEONE? this simple question helped me to recognize that me, you and all of us should help to improve our natural environment and we should not wait for someone else :-). easy, isn't it?

irgendjemand sollte die natur / die welt retten. WER ist IRGENDJEMAND? ich, du, jeder von uns ... so einfach ist das thema 😇


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