Sunday, April 14, 2019

quarry pond böhmerweiher ~ the nature comes back :o)

what the hell is the böhmerweiher? a quarry pond? why should i make a blog post about a quarry pond (baggersee)? well, just for one reason: it was sooooo amazing to see how the nature takes back industrial sites when we simply allow it to happen by doing NOTHING.
enjoy few pictures from böhmerweiher (baggersee böhmer weiher) in aubinger lohe (between puchheim and lochhausen in western part of munich). it  was a gravel pit (kiesgrube) in the 60ties and than a factory for cement and concrete (betonfabrik). the nature has taken this former industrial zone back under its control today :-)
our starting point was the nearby allotment garden area in lochhausen
two of us 
 böhmerweiher information board
 grosser böhmerweiher
the best and one of the craziest wives on earth :-)
not too romantic, is it?
the forest comes back
kleiner böhmerweiher (weihergraben)
btw, few years ago there was just one big lake, but the owners (the böhmer family or the concrete factory?) filled it with stuff + earth, so that we have two lakes today
source: google maps
what the hell is that? well, google's 'Then & Now' pictures feature wants to tell me, that google, NSA, BND, police and other authorities know EVERYTHING about me and my life. ok, i've understood :-(
more pictures here
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