Sunday, July 21, 2019

bangkok ~ thailand

this time was thailand not our final destination. we just enjoyed the chance to have some break on the looong flight to australia and spent 4 days in thailand. of course, we visited the king's palace in bangkok and this time we have had finally enough time to stay as long as we wanted to see enough from this imho nicest man made place on earth😍
the main entry into the king's palace (built 1782) ~ tosagirivan (green) and tosagirithorn (white)

our next stops (day trips) in thailand were:
  • ayutthaya ~ the former capital of siam / thailand about 70 km to the north of bangkok
  • patthaya   ~ the beach and sex tourism resort about 100 km southeast of bangkok
well, this time in bangkok we stayed in china town, so there was a lot to do / to see in the area where also locals live and spend their time. i liked china town much better than our big hotels area where almost only western tourists move around in the streets on evenings 😖

our nicest experience this time? well, while searching for the lumphini park, we asked two young people for the way and they joined us immediately and guided us via three different bus lines to the park. unfortunately, they didn't like an ice cream or a cold drink, so we only could say thank you and moved forward looking for komodo dragons 😵

enjoy few pictures ...
all in one collage
hotel china town
hotel rules: no durian :-)            china town by night
in one chinese temple
king's palace / grand palace 
Wat Phra Kaew temple is the home of the emerald buddha and a part of (king's) grand palace
fascinating wall painting stories / motives in king's palace ...
two of us, tired
best of all wiwes
King Rama IV
the chao phraya river is sooo dirty. shame on you, dear thailand, shame on you :-(
4 of us in lumphini park
komodo dragons in lumphini park
there are poor poeple out there, too
co-operation between gods + demons? yes, devas + asuras have had a common goal 😃 ... read more about the sage of churning of the milk ocean at wikipedia and read more about vishnu and hindu gods in my old india - rajasthan blog
 bangkok and singapore airport
more pictures here
our last visit to bangkok in 2012

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