Monday, July 22, 2019

ayutthaya (thailand) ~ unesco world heritage site

unesco world heritage site ayutthaya (thailand) was the 2nd siamese capital (after sukhothai and before bangkok) from 1350 a.d. till 1767 a.d. (wikipedia says 1351. who cares?). with about 1 million inhabitants around the year 1700 was ayutthaya one of the biggest cities on earth in that time. it was destroyed by the burmese in 1767 ...
all in one collage
the historical ayutthaya was surrounded by three rivers, the most important of them is the chao phraya river (Johannes Vingboons - Ayutthaya at about 1665 (source: Wikipedia)).

enjoy few pictures:
 king's summer residence 'bang pa-in' palace in 'ban len' outside the historical city
thai king's family
our travel guide today
huge buddha statue inside the (modern) temple
buddha, monday till sunday (wednesday comes twice 😃)
ayutthaya historical site:
without shoes, as the huge part of this summer
lunch break
two of us, jumping high 😄
thai police ~ there is probably not much crime in buddhist countries, is it?
buddhist monks
more pictures here

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