Tuesday, July 23, 2019

pattaya (thailand)

what a disappointment! but even a frustrating experience is somehow valuable, you know?

not because of the sex tourism here, but because we were looking for a day trip on the beach / island and spent maybe only about 1.5 hours there, lunch already included. at least the lunch was fine and we have had good company. before the island (ko lan) we have waited involuntarily approximately 1.5 hours on a loud and oil-stinking platform for para sailing in the middle of nowhere. mass (conveyor belt) tourism at its best 😱😭
the island ko lan can be easily reached by boat from pattaya, which is some 100 km southeast of bangkok. well, the day trip to ayutthaya was much, much nicer.

all in one collage

anyway, it was interesting to see pattaya, but definitely not worth the traffic jam in bangkok, the noise and oil exhaust gases on the para sailing platform, the soooo crowded beach :-(
on the road
 on the beach
 conveyor belt para sailing on the platform
mass tourism on the island ko lan
 tourists from kenya we met on the tourist boat
the best of all wives
good-bye, ko lan
thai massage saloon. thailand is so cheap, 1 hour massage costs only 6-8 euros.
yes, there are muslims in thailand, too
good-bye, thailand. we hope to see you again soon :-)
more pictures here

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