Friday, July 26, 2019

litchfield NP, NT ~ australia

our next stop after darwin was the litchfield NP.
when you do not expect much (or do not know what is waiting on you), the positive surprise can be huge :-)
all in one
we have seen the wangi falls, florence falls, magnetic termite mounds, ... learned a lot about the freshwater crocodiles + saltwater crocodiles, about termites and some spiders ... we've walked to the top of the wangi falls and swum later in the waterfall basin ...
termite mound
wangi falls
freshwater crocodiles (not dangerous for people) + saltwater crocodiles (estuarine)
best of all wives 😘
two of us at the wangi falls
florence falls
termite mounds
magnetic termite mounds
more pictures here.
the overview about all our stops in australia is here.

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