Sunday, August 5, 2018


this hot summer was our our holiday completely different than usually. we just sat in our car and drove north :-). our first stop was the east german water and forest nature area of spreewald (=river spree's forest) in the brandenburg district in eastern germany. 
river spree and its islands, forests, inhabitants, tourists, ...

for the first two nights we have made a reservation in kreblitz (luckau, lübbenau) in an old blacksmith's manufacture where we have felt like in a museum. all following nights we have to decide and look for a roof above our heads spontaneously. even if it was not always easy in the main tourist season, we've got very different accommodations from wooden cottage without water, toilet and electric power up to a castle resort at a lake ...
the car statistics show us a short overview about our wonderful 2 weeks :-)

our stops through germany, poland, lithuania, poland, germany were:
 lübbenau, the main gate to spreewald was quite full of tourists, all other areas were almost empty
our blacksmith's inn in kreblitz / luckau
 city of luckau
lausitz lake district. this lake near luckau covers a former mining area (even if lausitz is known as a brown coal area, here was probably a metal mine if i remember the information boards correctly. probably copper or iron ore, who knows?)

the best of all wives :-)
good-bye, dear spreewald ...
more holiday pictures are here

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