Sunday, February 28, 2021

STOP all corona tests and measures NOW

munich against corona measures which are completely against the principle of proportionality as the death rate / survival rate is almost unchanged over the years ~ enjoy pictures + insights from 5 demos in february which i've attended (5th, 7th, 12th, 14th, 28th). there have been many more, of course, but the biggest two were on 14th at the theresienwiese and today on 28th as we have had even a small protest march with a final rally on marienplatz => we are becomming more and more protesters 😍💕 

my favorite speakers are markus haintz, karl hilz, rolf kron ... and yes, there are also many other doctors / teachers / (former & suspended) police officers / caregivers / students /  ... with great insights to specific corona or freedom related issues.

love, peace, freedom
theresienwiese is famous for the oktoberfest, may dears
mask on, speach off
antifa supports also in germany totalitarian system, so sad 😕
open mic
demo in the ludwigstr. / geschwister-scholl-platz in front of the LMU university
marienplatz again ...

SeeSound (astrid + lajos) on stage
a very good speach from this 2 school girls, but dirndl fits definitely better to oktoberfest than to winter time with temperature below zero 😇
protest march throught the city center
what about the swedish corona model?

99% without covid disease, 100% without basic civil rights ... so sad, so true 😢
broken economy + compulsory vaccination => no, we don't want it
dr. wodarg's 10 minutes interview at a beginning of this 'plandemic' was so valuable for me and till now, everything he told proved to be true
 police against (elderly) peaceful protester because his mask was not 100% over his nose => 
shame on you, police, shame on you :o((

from the many artists out there i liked especially the music duo which played 2-3 times  because astrid is a buddy of mine who writes their political lyrics and lajos' voice is really pleasant to hear ...

and of course corona bavaria which sung at theresienwiese ~ bitte geht! (~ politicians, just go away!)

let's stop the corona plandemic.

more pictures here.

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