Saturday, February 13, 2021

rabenkopf 1559m

what a wonderful sunny sunday winter hiking tour from pessenbach to rabenkopf (raven's head) in the beautiful bavarian alps at -10 to -15 degrees celsius close to kochel at lake kochelse ⛄🌄🌞 
staffelalm 1320m

tour cornerstones: pessenbach parking place 649m, orterer alm 1089m, pessenbacher joch = pessenbacher schneid 1278m, schwarzeck 1527m, rabenkopf 1559m, staffelalm 1320m => pessenbach parking place 649m = 5 to 6 hours of convenient walking 🎄😄

enjoy few pictures:

view to lake kochelsee + the mountains from pessenbach
minus 10 or minus 15 degrees celsius? fine with me ... for a short time only, of course 😃
that's probably the glaswand, 1496m
orterer alm 1089m
pessenbacher joch = pessenbacher schneid 1278m
staffelalm 1320m
rabenkopf 1559m as seen from staffelalm. it is still 45 minutes far away
still at the staffelalm, my final point today. it was too late in the afternoon and i had to come back to parking place during day light 🌙
a frozen creek
kochel and a thiny part of lake kochelsee in front of the mountains as seen from pessenbach

more pictures here.

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