Friday, September 26, 2008

gold bugs club, orange juice

folks, i've met few like-minded folks at the meeting of germany's gold bugs club DEG in munich where we spoke about financial system, inflation, money from thin air (bernanke's + paulson's rescue programs), metals, manipulated markets .... so there was not much trading today :o). just my orange juice buy order get filled. i'm so afraid that my sugar buy order (@ 11.71) which was so close to the market prices 2 days ago (i've placed it after returning home from my office but the market was already closed :o) will probably not be filled as the sugar price rallied 2 consecutive days and quotes now @ 13.02)

item--------------: orange juice
units--------------: 1
order type--------: limit
trade type--------: long
entry date--------: 09/25/2008, 15:03
entry price-------: 92.2
initial stop-loss--:
new stop-loss----:
exit date---------:
exit price---------:
profit (loss) in %-:
profit (loss)------:
reason why + strategy: well, in my opinion is mr. market trying to build a bottom in the orange juice price. let's bet on that!
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