Tuesday, September 30, 2008

current account size: 655 €

  • i won 120 euros in september [more precise: since i've started to write that blog (~trading journal) on 09/12/2008]
  • the highest account size was about 985 euros before i've started to trade the late recovery of DJIA on 09/22/2008
  • the lowest account size was probably yesterday before i won 150 euros trading the late recovery of DJIA again :o)

current positions: 1 tecdax, 1 toronto60, 1 silver, 2 orange juice, 2 natural gas, 1 coffee

further (short-term) strategy: to try to place some clever stop-loss-limits in these soooo volatile markets! unfortunately, as for now are all positions sooooo cheap that i would prefer to increase my positions instead of selling anything at these low levels ;o(((. but my still so undercapitalized account doesn't really allow me to hold all of these positions as already a quite small price movement could cause margin calls and a (temporary:) break in my trading efforts ... therfore let's hope that this strong recovery from yesterday's crash (in stocks and commodities) will continue also tomorrow and i can place some stop-loss-orders at least for one of my gas + orange juice contracts and maybe also for both stock indices :o))

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