Sunday, September 28, 2008

website redesign :o)

folks, don't worry, i'm just playing with the allowed layouts, graphical options, graphical elements, blocks etc. i've also added few google advertising blocks to earn some money :o), but maybe i will delete them again if they will disturb my page :o). well, i will also experiment a little bit with gadgets, but for now i will leave just the 'picture of the day' by national geographic magazine ... btw, how do u like that pictures? i love them and i wish to visit all these nice places myself! so let's earn some money with trading and then travel around the world :o)

p.s. i still plan to add a list of my favorite books about trading, investing, behavioral finance etc. here but didn't find out the proper way to place it yet ....

please do not forget to remind me that my trading journal and exchange of trading wisdom is still the main goal of this website and that i shouldn't OVERLOAD it with gadgets, pictures, advertising, ... :o)

10/05/2008, two new funny gadgets added + 1 advertising block removed:
a) the quotation of the day
b) translator (for my german readers who would like to look-up some strange words and confuse sentences and who still hope, that if they translate some parts of this intellectual garbage it will make any sense. do not hope, it will not :o))
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