Saturday, September 13, 2008

trading, investing, working? what will i provide/document here? why i'm doing this?

hello folks :o),

i think you have found this site because you are a trader, investor or you are interested in financial markets, stock-exchange, stocks, commodities, money, ... or all of that :-)

well, there are many ways to earn money for living - trading, investing, working as an employee, working as a freelancer, running a business, sports, arts, gambling, stealing, having a rich dad/mother, having a rich husband/wife, ... :o)). some of them are more risky than the others! and few of them will give you a chance to make a fortune, the most others probably not :-))

don't worry, i will focus just on trading here. trading belongs to the most risky 'exercises' from the list above, but few of us traders have the chance to become really wealthy, which is probably also the most important reason why we have (initially) started that business. for those of us who have developed some love+passion for the financial markets is this probably also the nicest way of earning money, isn't it?

why do i want to write this blog? first of all in order to document my own trades (= my trading journal :-), to recapitulate my trades from time to time, to recognize some patterns, to avoid some mistakes, to learn from my successful trades and help me to improve my trading results. secondly to share my experience with other traders, to provide some learning examples (not trading advice!!!), to 'meet' other traders in webspace, etc.

i intend to post only my highly leveraged CFD-trades here (=> margin trading), which are clustered in a small CFD-account. so even by losing all money in this account with my trades there is never a situation where my financial future could be hurt in any (substantial) negative way! as for me, it's more a game, passion and a learning process than anything else.

my buy-and-hold investing portfolio (running on a different trading account) which currently consists mainly of junior precious metals explorers, some silver and few (renewable!) energy stocks can be reached here (my user name is jaro and the password is secret ... folks, i.e. 'secret' :-). well, you can visit my website (not longer provided by myself, therefore moved to this blog HERE) and you will find a lot of information about my investing strategy, my believes about the markets in the JIFE++ section (= jaro's intergalactic financial enterprizes) and also in my FAQs # 6, 8, 12, 17, 19. in this blog i do intend to focus on trading => welcome to jaro's intergalactic trading adventures (JITA++).

what kind of trader am i? by reviewing my recent trading results (i.e. after losing so much money in march + august 2008) i was afraid that my trading attitude has changed from 'strategic trader' like paul tudor jones (as in january 2008) to ‘compulsive gambler’ (= zwanghafter zocker) or the like, but it hasn’t :o). so, there is still some hope for my damned soul and for improvement of my trading results!!! what type of trader are you? check out (in 3-5 min) @dr. van k. tharp's website. but remember: there is no good or bad result as every trader type has some strengths and challenges, which shouldn't be ignored in our daily trading :o))

what else? well, at my homepage (not longer provided by myself, therefore moved to this blog HERE) you will find out a lot about me, but watch out, there is also my picture present :o). there are also my 'core' believes about the markets, inflation, commodities, gold, silver, oil, economy, nature ... especially in the FAQ section you will probably find some interesting issues :o). sometimes i do write also about politics, debts, dwindling freedom + democracy in western hemisphere, increasing regulation + control :o(. what about the socialisation of losses of fannie mae + freddie mac through us government? what about the bail-out of bear stearns + AIG? what about the prohibition of naked short selling of selected financial stocks in usa, uk, germany, ... is this still a capitalistic system or is it already 'socialism for the rich'? jim rogers gives the answer :o)
folks, do u think i'm somehow impressed & influenced by jim rogers? well, you are prolly right :-)

wanna know WHY i'm so enthusiastic about jim? well, he is both, a very competent and very pleasant fellow ... what a seldom combination! well, he explains the folks out there all this economic stuff in plain language, he doesn't care about special interest of the most powerful groups in the world like FED, governments, huuuge banks, ... and there is even so much more! if you want to, read my comments on his speech in munich / february 2008, will you?

++ if not specified differently all time quotes in 2008 are london time (= GMT) quotes because of my broker's software primary fixings (= 1st visible column in my summary window :). in 2009 i will start to post the time in munich's time zone (= GMT + 1) as it is easier 4 me to recognize the prevailing market conditions (e.g. was there a big sell-off in the last trading hour etc.);

++ if not specified differently all prices are in usd (or in cents, when the resp. future contracts quotes in cents instead of dollars); all buy and sell prices includes all commissions, spreads and broker fees; ...

++ if you have any questions, comments, ideas for improvement and the like, do not hesitate to let me know, ok? i'm looking forward to read your comments, messages, e-mails. if reasonable, i will try to respond asap :o)

so long,

Disclaimer: Trading is risky and can result in substantial financial loss. As always my posts are simply one traders opinion and should not be taken as trading advice. I am not a financial adviser so everyone please do their own analysis and take responsibility for their own trades. (what a nice wording, isn't it? thanX to dave, thanX to :-)

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