Thursday, November 6, 2008

black thursday

to do ... document trades: sugar, coffee, 2 x gas, 11x DJIA, tecdax, ...

lessons learned: in nowadays huuuuge-volatility markets i have to place much, much, much tighter trailing stops on winning positions (sugar, coffee, natural gas) as otherwise are the significant parts of theoretical profits wiped out again :o((
the commodity markets are not 'ready' for up-trends yet! even coffee and natural gas, which usually have strong seasonal up-trends in the winter months, ran just 2-3 days significantly up, today were all gains wiped out again :o(( ...

some more words about today = the next panic day:
sugar -6.16%
coffee -4.90%
S&P500 -5.03%
DJIA -4.85% (all 30 stocks negative! best = coca-cola -0.54%, ... ,
alcoa -13,05%
general motors -13.67% = worst)
tecdax -8.63%
nikkei -6.53%
deutsche bank -12.82%
ThyssenKrupp -12.55%
MAN -12.22%
crude oil brent -9.48%
=> YES, we have a selling climax just now :-((

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