Friday, November 28, 2008

extra x-mas salary => shopping fever ;-)

yesterday 'arrived' my salary on my account and to be honest a like novembers a lot! why? there is an 120% additional 'x-mas' component included => i've invested about 1/2 of that extra money & increased my share in few of my existing positions + bought also stocks of 3 new companies via my buy-and-hold investment account ...

my x-mas shopping list :o)):
  • amerigo resources (Cu, Mo)
  • cardero res. (Fe - they've sold their major peruvian project to chinese investors recently for a multiple of company's market capitalization => damned hell, if they are not going to fire cash in the coming cold winter days in their canadian office and/or will not start to throw money out of a window it should be a super-duper investment for a looong, looooong time !!!)
  • endeavour silver (Ag)
  • ETF world water (H2O)
  • mag silver (Ag - new)
  • penn west energy trust (oil, gas - monthly dividends :o)
  • scorpio mining (Pb, Zn, Ag, Au)
  • silver standard res. (Ag - new)
  • western geopower (geothermal energy - new)
let's move some positions from my wish list 2 my portfolio (new funds detected :). very bad timing today as i could buy pan american silver 16.5% cheaper & novagold 19.75% cheaper in the afternoon as the market crashed in the usa from the very beginning (DJIA -7.70%, silver -10.23%, s&p500 -8.93%). cold comfort: my limit order for rochester was filled @daily low! after its rescue through the recent joint-venture agreement should this investment return nice profits :-)
  • novagold (Au - speculative! just 4 hardcore gamblers or people who can afford to risk some money! this highly sympathetic company is currently highly bankruptcy-endangered :o()
  • pan american silver (Ag - new)
  • rochester res. (Ag)
  • commerce resources (tantalum, niobium - new)
  • first majestic silver (Ag - folks, they sell silver coins through their homepage for end-consumer-physical-stuff-prices, not for the manipulated(?) comex-paper-prices! clever! maximum clever!)
  • fortuna silver (Ag)
  • hecla mining (Ag, Au since 1891 - new, they ask some rotative commodity related questions @ their website :-)
  • western potash (potash - new)
  • allianz (insurance - new, munich!)
  • archer daniels midland (agriculture - new)
  • ConocoPhillips (oil - new)
  • man (automotive - new, munich!)
  • miranda gold (Au, share price probably bellow company's cash reserves, but it wasn't the bottom anyway ;o()
  • siemens (infrastructure, electronics, my ex-employer :o] - new, munich!)
folks, do u know why are there so many munich-based companies on my shopping list today? well, if the economic crisis will expand next year + i will not have enough money for a warm meal, then i will go to the anual stockholder meetings of my 4 munich companies (bmw, siemens, allianz, man) + get some food + drinks 4 free! what a clever idea, isn't it? let's find some food 4 the remaining 361 days of the year also! ok, 1st let's buy linde + munich re + wacker next week ;-)
  • energold drilling (mining equipment (rigs) - new)
  • amerigo resources (Cu, Mo)
  • bralorne gold mines (Au)
  • cardero res. (Fe)
  • freegold ventures (Au)
  • minera andes (Ag, Au - new)
  • nanostart (nanotechnology - i do believe that nanotechnology is [besides to commodities & (renewable) energy] one of the favorite industries AFTER the 2008-financial-crisis! do u still believe in banks & car makers?)
  • newmont mining (Au - new)
  • orko silver (Ag)
  • penn west energy trust (oil, gas - monthly dividends :o)
  • scorpio mining (Pb, Zn, Ag, Au)
  • silver wheaton (Ag)
  • paramount gold + silver (Au + Ag)
  • globex mining (Au, Zn, Cu - exporer & producer & royalty company with a portfolio of about 70 projects which are optioned to numberless JV partners)
  • novagold (Au - folks, folks, folks! i thought (dreamt?) at night that this highly sympathetic + currently highly bankruptcy-endangered company would release some news about its rescue. well, i've opened their website few times in the morning + hoped i could buy some super-duper cheap shares in germany before the canadian market opens. there were no news so i decided not to enhance my just few days ago increased risky position + didn't take shares for €0.37 => i'm such a stupid idiot! with the opening of canadian market shoot that stock within minutes 72.31% higher! just rumours or some insider buying? i've bought that stock few minutes later on a temporary price correction for €0.57 (which is 54% higher than the daily low in germany), so my position including commission quotes near the daily close in canada => todays increase +52,31% WITHOUT ANY company and/or industry related NEWS :o). well, the stock is still very cheap, do not forget that the all-time-high from 2007 was CAD 20.13 (!!). of course, it was before all that mumbo-jumbo with barrick gold (hostile take-over offer @ CAD 16) + teck cominco's project cancellation @galorne creek + environmental regulations + management mistakes + financing issues ...
  • rubicon minerals (Au - new, perfect timing here! i bought in germany before the canadian market opened bellow the fair canadian price => rob mcewen's rubicon soared 18.75% today)
  • google (software - new, let's invest some money in that highly innovative company which also provides this blog for free and even allows me to earn few cents/bucks through included advertising links :o)
  • mexican silver mines (Ag - folks, this explorer doesn't explore any longer! why? well, the management believes that in current market state it is cheaper to buy complete projects from struggling competitors than to spend cash on exploration of own properties. hmmmm, an interesting strategy, isn't it?) ~ addendum 11/01/2010 ~ my 1st 20-bagger  ~ OMG, OMG, OMG! crazy mining business! bought @ €0.055 on december 15th, 2008 ~ 2days quote? €1.105 which is a (tax free!) profit of +1,909.09% ~ well, the company calls itself rio alto mining and is an ongoing peruvian gold producer these days :-) => OMG again! ~ uptrends are soooooooo delightful 
  • rio tinto (base metals - new, crazy dividend 9.87% (or just 6.31% because of an error on my broker's website yesterday?). nevertheless, i'm starting to love market corrections as they allow me to buy highly valuable companies soooo cheap!)
  • acadian mining (Zn, Pb, Au)
  • impact silver (Ag)
  • linde (chemistry, machinery - new, munich!)
  • rio tinto (base metals)
  • source exploration (Ag - new, probably about 50% cheaper than the original 'management' price of it's founder and former sabina silver director abraham drost [~ CAD 0.12 ?]. sounds good? in today's crazy markets it still can become better: let's look @ company's website => the current market capitalization CAD 2.3 million is BELLOW the WORKING CAPITAL of 2.4 millions. will u buy all shares & then plunder its cash desk? any additional comments on current financial markets needed? no?
  • acadian mining (Zn, Pb, Au)
  • petaquilla minerals (Au)
  • xstrata (commodities - new)
  • cbh resources (Ag + base metals Zn, Pb, Cu)
  • crescent gold (Au in Au-stralia :)
  • aquila res (Zn)
  • bhp billiton (base metals - new)
  • Burcon NutraScience (proteins, biotech - new)
  • coral gold (Au)
  • vg gold (Au)
  • novagold (Au - the company is hopefully rescued as they've found an investor who invested $60 millions last week. that's great but they've diluted the existing shares by 30% today and through warrants agreement (if exercised) even to approx. 45% in the future => the poor 'old' shareholders! folks, a day or two later were also all warrants executed, thus got novagold 75 millions combined. let's hope the management will avoid any new financial mistakes and protect the new liquidity + meet all company's requirements, so that there will be never, never again a plunge of the share price by 40-50% as it was the case at least 3 times in the last 2 years)
  • scorpio mining (Pb, Zn, Ag, Au)
  • southern silver (Ag)
  • mag silver (Ag)
  • uc resources (Ag)
  • continuum res. (Ag)
  • greenshift corp. (clean technologies 4 efficient use of natural resources)
  • sterling mining (Ag - since 1903, i bet they will survive the financial crisis & the share price will recover from its current bankruptcy-related level :o)
  • u.s. silver (Ag)
  • novagold (Au)
  • u.s. gold (Au)
  • tara gold (Au)
==> game over ;o(( => all available money invested, even parts of my assets of last resort! i think my wife would kill me if i would take some more money :o)). does my invest-all-available-funds-strategy make any sense? i believe yes, it does. why? with the beginning of 2009 are in germany all financial gains tax related (tax flat rate 25%) => let's buy stocks in 2008 at these low, low, low prices + avoid that tax forever :o))
=> €12,824 = 10,651 new €uros + €2,173 from sale of my silver ETFs (~300 oz) invested
=> why did i sell my silver? a) i'm not sure the ETFs have enough physical silver for all its investors actually + b) i still have few coins c) in a worst case scenario like e.g. monetary reform would the governments probably abolish the private ownership of gold & silver again, so i would never get my precious metals out of any ETF vault when i needed them mostly + d) i'm sure that gold/silver stocks are currently massive undervalued so let's bet on their return to fair values => btw, i expect that the share prices of most of my recently purchased junior explorer companies will increase minimum 5- to 7-fold in the next 1-2 years and the big players like newmont + pan american silver + hecla will at least double in that period => if you looked at their charts and especially at the loss of 70% of their value in october/november [mostly without any rational reason] u will probably understand why i'm sooo bullish on them now :o)).
why sooo many sooo small positions? explorer stocks are risky enough (just look @ chart of any of them + especially @ novagold, so u will understand why i prefer to buy small packages (about 200 €uros each) in huge number of risky companies + pay €10 commission per trade than to build bigger portions of few risky companies (e.g. about €1,000 each as in 2007 or about €3,000-4,000 like in the years 2005-2006). btw, my biggest original purchase were 2,300 shares of rob mcewen's u.s. gold with more than 9,000 €uros and today are the remaining 1,800 shares worth just about €1,000 :o((. well, i shouldn't put all eggs in one basket! a big position in a particular stock/commodity doesn't protect my capital from losses :o)) ==> GOOD LUCK MY LOVELY BUY-AND-HOLD-THROUGH-ALL-THIS-FINANCIAL-MESS COMMODITY POSITIONS !!!
btw, how does my portfolio looks like after that shopping orgy? well, check yourself! the userID is jaro and the password is secret ;-) ... folks, i.e. 'secret' !!!
(to learn more about jaro's intergalactic financial enterprizes (JIFE++) visit and jump to the JIFE++ site :-). nevertheless, a short overview:
JIFE++ investment philosophy: gold + silver + energy (oil, gas, solar, wind, ...) + junior explorer stocks + commodities + ETFs + warrants + cash + ... even if the JIFE++ fund is free to invest in any financial instrument, it is not intended to invest in bonds, treasuries, CFDs, currencies, ...
JIFE++ risk category: HIGH. why? because there are also many junior explorer companies contained which do not generate any cash-flow yet, do not pay dividends, ... please consider also the high volatility in commodity sector.
JIFE++ upside potential: HIGH. why? see investment philosophy + risk category ;-))
JIFE++ contact:
the bravest of the brave: JIFE++ investors)

folks, do u believe in santa claus? yes? me to! here we go ;-):
=> my x-mas wish list :o)
folks, my wife asked her subconscious mind today (=12/14/2008) which stocks to buy! her answers are marked bellow, but don't forget that stocks of highest desire i've already bought in the last few weeks :O). that are additional favorites and/or companies where i would like to increase my stakes :-)

  • acadian mining (Zn, Pb, Au) ... maybe
  • agnico-eagle mines (Au, platinum, rhodium - new) ... no
  • barrick gold (Au - new) ... no
  • bhp billiton (base metals - new) ... yes
  • bravo venture (Au)
  • Burcon NutraScience (proteins, biotech - new) ... YES
  • coral gold (Au) .... YES
  • ETF new energy (renewable energy)
  • ETF world water (H2O)
  • first majestic silver (Ag)
  • fortuna silver (Ag)
  • franco nevada (royalty, private equity - new) ... maybe
  • goldcorp (Au - new)
  • google (software) ... yes
  • impact silver (Ag)... yes
  • linde (chemistry) ... yes
  • MAG silver
  • mexican silver mines (Ag) ... yes
  • microsoft (software - new) ... ok, but novagold should perform better
  • münchner rück (insurance - new) ... no
  • novagold ... YES
  • pan american silver (Ag)
  • petaquilla minerals (Au)
  • rio tinto (base metals) ... yes
  • sabina silver (Ag, Zn)
  • source exploration (Ag) ... yes
  • tribune fpo (Au - new)
  • u.s. gold (Au)
  • vg gold (Au)
  • XSTRATA (commodities)

do u think i believe strongly that the commodities will rally again soon and so will commodity explorers, (junior) producers and the like, don't u? well, that's my hedge against the inflation monster!

what about the stock markets? i think they will rally also because of the HUGE amounts of paper/electronic money added into financial circle through the corrupt, incompetent and dishonest governments and their small dirty central banks all over the world :o((

=> welcome to the INFLATIONARY stocks and assets price rally !
=> welcome to the crack-up boom !!
=> welcome to state controls + regulations + swindling democracy all over the freaking world !!!
=> welcome to the kondratieff winter :o((

questions of the day: how long could that false boom last? when will we see not just a default of some 'unimportant' nations (iceland, hungary, ukraine, pakistan => 4 countries in the last few weeks!), but also a bankruptcy of some important western economy (US, UK, germany, italy, spain, france...)? when will that crappy paper money system fail? when will a major monetary reform arrive on planet earth again? do u have enough gold + silver ALREADY ???

=> as always: do not forget to protect yourself and your family against all that financial mess out there => buy as much gold, silver, oil, agriculture, energy... @ these low, low, low prices as u can afford and you will be very, very glad. or don't and u won't ;o))

=> this investing stuff is sooooo easy !!!


jaro gruber said...

folks, my wife thinks that the stocks will go up in april next year. why? till then will the market decide which companies will survive the current financial crisis ...

well, let's wait a little, the time will proof if her esoteric thoughts are right or not :o))

jaro gruber said...

... => €12,824 = 10,651 new €uros + €2,173 from sale of my silver ETFs (~300 oz) invested ... => good luck, my lovely stocks!