Wednesday, November 26, 2008

jaro, stop daytrading for a while !!!

1 x toronto60 (long)

2 x DJIA daytrading trials with 2 small losses (€ 22 combined) as the anticipated move up didn't come directly after my market entry but after some volatile ups and downs (just usual market noise, not any special events) after my stop loss limits were hit. well, that's trading ('cut your losses and let the profits run') + it is not bad at all :o) ... BUT it is too dangerous as there is not an appropriate money coverage on my account in order to keep all current positions :o((

a vicious dialogue:
my sanity: damned hell! jaro, stop daytrading for a while!
me: why?

my sanity: becuase otherwise you will demolish your account AGAIN !!!
me: well, ok, ... but ... for how long?

my sanity: well, till there is enough money on your trading account and you can 'afford' also few losses in a row without smashing your whole account through margin calls and liquidation of your remaining (commodity) positions AGAIN !!! will u?
me: well, yes, hmmm ... u are right, I WILL TRY IT !!! promised ;-)

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