Thursday, November 13, 2008

DJIA trades

to do .... 11 DJIA trades ... i was positioned in the correct market direction (up) but at wrong time as the market moved 600 points higher about one hour after my trials (are the folks out there completely crazy? they've had the whole day to buy stocks much, much cheaper and they didn't!! and few minutes later they are willing to pay 600 bucks more for the same stuff !!) ... nevertheless, i could achieve a small profit today :-)

=> to do: to raise some money on my trading account to allow me to bet on some market moves without danger that a loss of 50-100 €uros would (again) cause the liquidation of my remaining (commodity) positions ... hmmmm, why not move some other money to that account? my wife would kill me if i would plunder our 'reserve' account again! beeing dead is IMHO worse than not have enough money for my ideas, isn't it?

++ bad luck with my limit order for silver: my limit was just 2 cents bellow the daily low 8.74 and therefore i've missed the huuuge price recovery (daily high 9.48), which would mean a theoretical profit of 8.47%. i think silver will continue to climb higher in the next few months and years, so let's try to find some other entry point for a new silver position. well, LUCK IS ALSO A PART OF THE GAME :o))

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